Gordita Pack
Gordita Pack
Gordita Pack

Gordita Pack

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[Google Translate] Gordita = Chubby Tortilla

The Gordita is a poco bit bigger than a Taco and 2x thicker. Kind of like a flat bread kind of like a tortilla, these unconventional tortillas are begging to be explored 
whether stuffed stacked, folded, or pressed you can always count on them to perform at their best. 



 Each pack contains 12 tortillas. Tortilla size is 6.5" in diameter.

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The tortilla familia difference

Hand Made In Mexico

All our delicious tortillas are hand made in Mexico and shipped to you on the same day.


For the safety of your familia, all of our ingredients are Non GMO.

Only 5 Ingredients

Truly authentic Sonora Mexico Tortillas with only 5 ingredients, just like Abuela made.