About Us

We are Tortilla Familia! 

    My name is Lamar Innes and my wife's name is Chelsea Innes.  We are the Innes Family.  We live in Southern Arizona. We have 4 kids- 3 boys and a girl. And we love Food! Mainly Tortillas and anything that goes in a Tortilla.  

    3 years ago we met a great friend,  Pablo Parrilla Campos.  I had heard of his tortillas, but never tried them.  The first time I sank my teeth into one of his tortillas I knew I was ruined and would never be able to eat another tortilla again! 

     We decided the tortilla options in AMERICA are horrible, so we did something about it.  We had found the tortilla magician and we knew we needed to create the shipping magic!  Our goal is to help all families have Pablo's tortillas right on their dinner table.  Every purchase supports Pablo's Tortilleria in Mexico.  We revolutionized the process of shipping these wonderful tortillas right to your doorstep.  Together with Pablo and his crew we are Tortilla Familia.  

     From Pablo and his crew.  From our Family to yours...WELCOME TO TORTILLA FAMILIA. We look forward to shipping tortillas to your home! 

 EMAIL: support@tortillafam.com