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9" Burrito 3-pack



Prickly Pear Corn- 3 pack



6" Taco 3-pack



Corn Tortillas- 3 pack



11" Mediana 3-pack



6 1/2" Gordita 3-pack






We've simplified tortilla care, storage, and prep. You'll get a starter kit with your order that allows you to make the most of these golden rounds.


🌮 Tortilla Warmer
🌮 Tortilla Towel

🌮 Heavy Duty ziplocs

🌮 Care Guide

4.5 Stars from over 1.1K REVIEWS


    "If you want to make an impression, these suckers are awesome! Made breakfast burritos for a bunch of father's & sons. Plenty of room for everything & I mean everything inside. Way to go TF!"

    Adam H.


    "When I saw the tortillas you were selling I knew I had to get them. Being Hispanic I knew they were the real thing. I got sick and tired of eating cardboard! Thank you for putting out such a great product. I will keep buying them !!🙂"

    Edyie S.


    "I love the fact that these are made and shipped directly from Mexico. They are extremely fresh and beautifully made! Shipping was fast and seamless."

    Kenrick B.

  • SO GOOD!!!

    "Best decision ever to purchase these tortillas. It takes me too much time to make them myself and store bought ones are gross so I was so thrilled when I found these. Delicious and makes it so easy!!"

    Amber D.


    "I'm living in Florida but I was born and raised in Arizona so I know what a good tortilla is. The stuff I buy in the store is junk. These are the real deal. The only problem I have, is I eat them too quickly and have to order more :)"

    Gregory D.

  • BOMB!!!

    "These (and all the flour tortillas in all sizes .... yes, I've tried them all) are the bomb for flavor and authenticity. Great for a snack with butter melted on them or as a side bread for your mexican meal. I LOVE these tortillas and now only buy from this company."

    Belinda D.

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