Our mission is to provide the highest quality of tortillas to our customers, no matter where you are in the USA. We realize that you are spending your hard earned money to get these tortillas. We promise to ship you fresh tortillas. Our tortillas are boxed and shipped within 24 hours of being cooked! Once the tortillas are shipped, they will arrive within 4-7 days. 

Once your order is placed in the mail carrier's possession, it is the mail carrier's responsibility to deliver your package.  We only Ship USPS and they are very good.  If there are any problems with your package we will direct you to USPS for further clarification on any delivery problems.  

We do offer a Tortilla Familia Shipping Warranty that relieves our customer of any headache and we will take care of your order stress-free if it is lost, stolen, or damaged. If a warranty is not purchased we will direct you to USPS for any delivery problems.  

The Tortilla Familia Shipping Warranty can be purchased at checkout on our website.