Easter is almost here and we’re going to take the opportunity to celebrate one of the most nutritious, simple, and tasty foods on the planet - the egg. This versatile foodstuff deserves its place as one of the most popular staples worldwide. Not to mention how much fun it is to paint and hide them this time of year! We’ll take a look at their health benefits, share some recipe ideas for how they're used in Mexican cuisine, and finally you’ll get a recipe for the most indulgent Easter-themed breakfast treat we could come up with. 

carton of eggs


Eggs are a powerhouse of protein, good fats, B vitamins, choline (a nutrient that is vital for brain function), vitamin A, selenium….the list goes on. In fact, eggs contain a little bit of everything you need and are a fantastic, relatively cheap way to bolster your familia’s nutrition. They got a bad rap for awhile because of their cholesterol content, but for most people raising your good cholesterol, or HDL, can actually be a protective measure against heart disease, stroke, and other problems. (1) Luckily, eating eggs is hardly a chore. They are naturally delicious with just a sprinkle of salt and pepper, not to mention some of the amazing recipes that call for them. Next we’ll take a look at some Mexican favorites that incorporate this superfood. 

huevos rancheros


Now for a few ideas to get you started on your egg-recipe hunt! We’re big fans of the classic ‘Huevos Rancheros’. This dish was traditionally served in ranches to the workers, hence the name ‘Ranch eggs’. It’s a marvelously simple recipe, just toasted tortillas smothered in a homemade salsa, topped with eggs sunny side up. You can tweak it to suit your needs, swap homemade for canned salsa, add refried beans for a more filling version or even scramble the eggs instead for Huevos a la Mexicana. 

breakfast burrito with bacon, eggs, and cheese


Another classic is the breakfast burrito, which has so many incarnations. Remember, just because it has breakfast in the name, doesn’t mean it can’t double up as lunch or dinner - these big wraps are the perfect quick meal. One of our absolute favorite versions of this breakfast classic consists of bacon, hash browns, cheese, scrambled eggs and avocado slices. Be sure to cook the hash browns in the bacon pan for extra flavor. Don’t forget to heat up your tortillas on the stove or in the microwave before bundling your burritos - it will enhance the flavor and crunchiness.  And you can go as big as you like - check out our Mediana flour tortilla packs or Burron packs if you’ve got a big appetite. 



Finally, quesadillas are eggstra great with eggs mixed in (Sorry we couldn't help it!). Make a hearty egg and cheese quesadilla, or load it up with sliced veggies for a healthier twist. We like feta cheese, scrambled eggs, black olives, and arugula greens with sun-dried tomatoes for a Greek style quesadilla, but there are so many combinations that you can always find ingredients to make a breakfast quesadilla in your cupboard, get creative! 

cadbury creme egg easter candy in sweet quesadillas


To celebrate Easter we’ve come up with a dessert quesadilla you can make with the contents of your Easter baskets. If you aren’t as big of a fan as we are of the Cadbury Egg, feel free to sub with other chocolate eggs that might be laying around. 


  • 6 Cadbury Creme eggs, chopped up (or other chocolates) 
  • Butter
  • Milk / white chocolate sauce
  • Vanilla ice cream or cool whip for topping
  • 4 Taco size flour tortillas 


1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Brush back of each tortilla with a little melted butter and lay butter side down on a baking sheet. 

2. Fill each tortilla with a portion of the chopped Cadbury egg pieces and fold into a half moon shape. 

3. Bake them for 4-6 minutes or until they’re golden brown with melty insides. 

4. Serve drizzled in chocolate sauce with a scoop of ice cream or cool whip. 


We hope you got a few ideas for ways to incorporate eggs into your Easter (and year round) cooking adventures. And we’d love it if you shared your Tortilla creations with us on our instagram - just tag us @tortillafamilia 

April 06, 2023 — Ariel Lingard