Burrón Pack
Burrón Pack

Burrón Pack

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Large enough to fill any hunger void, these grande flour tortillas are made for the bigger things in life…

Like we say around here, go grande or go home.

This HUGE tortilla needs no artificial bulking up. Free of GMOs, bad fats, and anything bleached, modified, or refined it stands alone, strong, and healthy. No fluff, just good stuff. Traditional, fresh flour tortillas in HUGE burrito size will feed the daredevil in you, stuff it full and hold on with both hands.

Each pack contains 12 tortillas. Tortilla size is 13" in diameter
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The tortilla familia difference

Hand Made In Mexico

All our delicious tortillas are hand made in Mexico and shipped to you on the same day.


For the safety of your familia, all of our ingredients are Non GMO.

Only 4 Ingredients

Truly authentic Sonora Mexico Tortillas with only 4 ingredients, just like Abuela made.

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