There are some matches that are made in heaven. Peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, milk and cookies, tacos and Tuesdays, tortilla chips and...

Today is National Tortilla Chip day, and in honor of the momentous occasion, we thought we’d shine a little light on that indispensable partner to the tortilla chip, salsa. Also, we’ll explore the new tortilla chip options that we’ve just added to the lineup at Tortilla Familia. 


Everyone already knows about salsa, in fact after 1992, salsa sales in the United States exceeded those of ketchup! But did you know that the tradition of serving tortilla chips and salsa as an appetizer began in the USA and not in Mexico? It was in Mexican-American restaurants that this killer combo became the essential starter it is today. 

We’ve partnered up with long-standing family restaurant, Casa Mañana, who have been an institution in Gila Valley, AZ since 1951, to bring restaurant quality salsa to your kitchen. 

salsa packs


Each one of these packs makes a half gallon of that good red sauce, so you can recreate the flavor of Casa Mañana yourself and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. Each pack includes instructions for the classic and the chunky version of their time-tested salsa. 

So, why do we offer a dry mix instead of your typical bottled salsa? Good question! Real salsa expands because of how fresh / acidic it is and can’t be put in a jar without adding bell peppers or vinegar that alter the taste from authentic restaurant quality salsa. To avoid option a.) exploding jars of salsa, and b.) red juice that just isn't the same as the good stuff; it's best to make your own at home. That's why those grocery store salsa jars are never quite right - you just can't contain that kind of flavor in a bottle! 


tortilla chips floating


Now, back to today’s national honoree - the tortilla chip! The chip as we know it today was made popular in the 1940's as a way to make use of misshapen tortillas, but the fried corn tortilla has its origins in Mexico in 'totopos' / 'tostadas' (basically fried tortillas). Now eaten worldwide, this crunchable snack food is available in a multitude of flavors and can be crafted with white, yellow, blue or red corn. 

prickly pear corn tortilla chips and restaurant quality salsa


We’re really jazzed to share these chips with the world! Prickly Pear is a type of cactus fruit that has amazing health benefits on top of being delicious. Its high fiber, antioxidant and mineral content have been proven to help with diabetes and high cholesterol. And, they are BAKED, not fried! Now you can try these crunchy green tortilla chips straight from Mexico. Each order comes with two bags of prickly pear chips and a salsa pack. 

original corn tortilla chips with restaurant salsa


And if you want to go clásico - no hay problema - we've got you covered! These golden triangles will have you crunching like there's no tomorrow. Also made in Mexico and super tasty, these original corn tortilla chips will allow you to celebrate the old fashioned way. They also come with a salsa seasoning pack so you can make your own half gallon of pure joy. 

Sometimes it can be hard to get into the holiday spirit...but come on - National Tortilla Chip Day is not one of those times. 


February 23, 2023 — Ariel Lingard