In the world of tortillas, there's a hidden gem known as Tortilla Familia. These aren't your ordinary grocery store tortillas; they're crafted with love and a deep commitment to delivering the very best to families across America. But who is Tortilla Familia, and what's the story behind their journey to create the best flour tortillas in the market? Let's dive into their inspiring tale.

The Founders: Lamar and Chelsea

Tortilla Familia was born in 2017, thanks to the vision and determination of Lamar and Chelsea . Lamar, an athletic trainer at a local community college, found himself constantly on the go, leaving him with limited time to spend with his family. He yearned for a way to not only reconnect with his loved ones but also create something special that could serve families across the nation.


Discovering the Best Flour Tortilla in Mexico

Lamar's quest to find the perfect tortilla led him south of the border to Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico. It was here that he encountered Pablo, a skilled tortillero with a small tortilleria. The tortillas crafted by Pablo were unlike anything Lamar had ever tasted – they were the BEST flour tortillas he had ever encountered.


Bringing the Best to America

Recognizing the potential of these exceptional tortillas, Lamar and Chelsea decided to embark on a journey filled with long hours, dedication, and a fair share of risks. Their mission was clear: bring the exquisite taste of Sonoran flour tortillas to families all over America.

The Birth of Tortilla Familia

With Pablo's expertise and the Innes family's unwavering commitment, the Tortilla Familia was born. They had not only found the best tortillero but also created a system that allowed these authentic flour tortillas to be delivered right to your front door. This was the beginning of a culinary revolution that would change the way people thought about tortillas.

The Authentic Sonoran Flour Tortilla Experience

Tortilla Familia stands as a testament to their dedication to providing an authentic experience that grocery store tortillas can never replicate. Each tortilla is lovingly crafted with the same care and attention that made Pablo's tortillas legendary. The result? A taste that transports you to the heart of Sonora, Mexico, with every bite.


In the heartwarming story of Tortilla Familia, we see more than just a business venture. It's a tale of family, love, and the pursuit of excellence in culinary artistry. Through Lamar and Chelsea's determination and Pablo's expertise, these flour tortillas have become more than just a product – they're a cherished tradition, a symbol of family unity, and a delicious way to bring joy to countless homes.

So, the next time you enjoy a Tortilla Familia flour tortilla, remember that it's more than just food; it's the embodiment of a dream that began with a quest for quality and a desire to bring families together around the dinner table. In every bite, you taste the love and dedication that Lamar, Chelsea, and Pablo poured into creating the BEST flour tortilla you'll ever experience.

September 15, 2023 — Lamar Innes