We proudly supply restaurants all over the United States with the best tortillas humanly possible. These restaurants are making some of the most delicious, and creative, meals we’ve ever seen and we want to share that with you guys. Maybe you live nearby and can pop in to sample them, or just get an idea or two for your own Tortilla Familia creations at home. Today’s feature is Blue Light Speak Cheesy, an independent spirited pop-up in New York City that is making the most out of our extra large Burron sized flour tortillas. 

woman holding burron burritos in her arms

Blue Light Speak Cheesy is a pop-up breakfast specialist in NYC run and masterminded by Andrea Chetakian. Beyond being a whiz in the kitchen, Chetakian is an intrepid and resourceful businesswoman. A few weeks after moving to New York and opening her restaurant, Covid shut down the food industry….but instead of admitting defeat, she rigged up a pulley system and temporarily delivered painstakingly crafted breakfast bags from the window of her 3rd story apartment. Blue Light can now be found in a more conventional spot, and is becoming a firm favorite for Brooklyn-based breakfast lovers.


Thursday at Blue Light Speak Cheesy is a special day because it is BURRITO day. And these burritos have a not so secret ingredient..Tortilla Familia Burron sized tortillas straight from Mexico. And you can taste the difference. 

review of burrito featuring flour tortilla

Our Burron size tortillas allow you to wrap a whole lot of goodness up in one burrito. These Blue Light Burritos come jam-packed with scrambled eggs, baby potatoes, pepper jack, spinach, cabbage…and drizzled with chipotle aioli and lime juice. 

double shell tacos, soft and crunchy with beans


Chetakian also came up with a creative twist on the traditional taco, these are layered, with a crunchy shell on the inside, refried black beans in between, and a soft flour shell on the outside to keep all that flavor from escaping when you take a bite. Who says tacos aren’t a breakfast food? Andrea’s customers would disagree. Heartily. 

We applaud her creativity and might just try making our own version at home...Even if you don’t live in New York and can’t visit Blue Light Speak Cheesy in person, we hope they’ve inspired you to mix some unorthodox flavors and bring your brunch back to life. 


May 19, 2023 — Ariel Lingard